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Individual lessons are held in a professional studio with a Yamaha upright acoustic piano and an amplified microphone or online via zoom app.The lessons are suitable for music lovers and professionals at all stages, from beginners to advanced level; providing from basic music theory knowledge to professional vocal skills and can be taught in English or Greek.

Singing Lessons

Jazz/Pop/World music

preparation for entrance exams at the Conservatories

Alkistis is specialised in Jazz singing. Currently based in Athens, Greece, Alkistis teaches singing in English & Greek. Her mission is to show the student how to develop into an honest and unique artist and most importantly, how to enjoy the gift of music. With an emphasis on music theory, singing technique, jazz improvisation, phrasing and student's favourite tunes, Alkistis loves sharing her knowledge on jazz vocals.She obtained a bachelor degree in Jazz singing from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague (2018) & a master's degree from Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam (2020). She also has experience in performing and teaching other styles of modern music like pop/rock/soul/funk/latin/tango & Greek music.

The lessons are containing:

  • Vocal technique (breath support, posture, range, intonation, resonance, sound colours, pronunciation, articulation)

  • Phrasing/Improvisation

  • Repertoire/direction

  • Stage presentation

  • story telling

  • Music theory

  • solfeggio/ear training

or visit the following schools & platforms that Alkistis collaborates with.

Piano lessons for beginners until grade 6

Classical/Harmony on the piano

Alkistis started taking piano lessons at the age of seven and she obtained a classical piano degree in 2010.

With a lot of experience in teaching, she can show you how to play classical repertoire and/or your favourite popular songs or how to accompany yourself.

The lessons are containing:

  • Technique

  • Repertoire

  • Sight reading

  • Harmonic analysis

  • Music theory

  • Basic improvisation

or visit the following schools & platforms that Alkistis collaborates with.

Music theory lessons


Preparation for the entrance exams at the Conservatories

Alkistis studied Musicology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. (2011)

Next to her University studies she obtained a classical harmony degree in 2007 and a counterpoint degree in 2009. 

She has a lot of experience in teaching music theory, classical harmony and jazz.

The lessons can be individual or in groups.


The lessons are containing:

  • Music theory

  • Harmony

  • Solfeggio

  • Ear training

  • Melodic & rhythmic dictee

  • song-writing 

or visit the following schools & platforms that Alkistis collaborates with.



“I am having singing lessons with Alkistis for over 3 years and I highly recommend her.  She has a deep knowledge in music and she explains very well. The improvement on my singing is incredible. She is patience and she has solutions for all the vocal problems. She is also very friendly and inspiring”.

Elise S.

“She can explain it very good!”


“How wonderful to have Alkistis as a teacher. She is always smiley and makes me feel comfortable to sing. She is passionate and knows her staff. She focusses on student’s interest but she also suggests repertoire. After some lessons with Alkistis I started enjoying singing much more. I would definitely recommend her to everyone”.

Jeroen M.

“Alkistis helped me find my voice. With exercises I managed to remove the air and be able to sing high. I had tried with singing lessons before but they couldn’t help me. She introduced me to lax vox and other exercises and helped me unlock my high register”.


“Alkistis is an amazing singer and she has a deep knowledge in music. She helped me with the preparation for the entrance exams at the Conservatory and I got accepted!!. She is top teacher and performer”.


“Even after only one lesson my voice has really improved. Very good singing teacher”


"Patience and attentive" 

Victor van Zijll de Jpng.

"Alkistis is a very professional and dedicated teacher. You will learn the right technique and will improve your singing. 

Eline Hartog.

Alkistis gives piano lessons to my daughter. She is a very patience and inspiring teacher. She combines reading music and playing by ear. My daughter loves the piano lessons. Bring her joy and love for music. 

Thank you Alkistis. 

Maria S.

Alkistis introduced me to jazz music & improvisation.She made me fall in love with this genre. Her lessons are pure joy. By focusing on the development of a musical ear she makes improvisation feels easy.


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