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Alkistis is a versatile musician. She begun her career singing pop, rock, funk & rock 'n roll music. Afterwards she fell in love with jazz. She spent a big amount of her life dedicated to jazz music and it is still her biggest passion. 

She also got into world music. Brazilian music, Argentinian tango, greek music etc.. 

She believes that music has no borders. 


Enjoy listening!

Alkistis_Photoshoot_Jan_2015 (61 of 62).
8espesious small band
funk rock band

vocals: Alkistis Lampropoulou

Guitar: Giannis Papazaxos

Bass: Fanis Sklinos

Drums: Dimitris Azorakos

Jazz & world music duet

Vocals: Alkistis Lampropoulou

Guitar: Nikos Charalampous


Alkistis jazz quartet

Jazz Us quintet

Jazz & world music Quartet

Jazz Quintet

Jazz Quartet


8espesious small band

Argentinian Tango

Coaster duet

World music

Big Band 

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